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Blowdryer 3D models on Flatpyramid.

A blowdryer is an electrical device that delivers a directional stream of heated air. The most important feature of the blowdryer is the ability to supply heat precisely to a given area. The origin of the word “blowdryer” is associated with the German brand Fön, registered in 1908 by the manufacturer of electrical equipment company AEG, and referring to the warm alpine wind foehn.

A blowdryer is usually made in the form of a pipe section, inside which a fan and an electric heater is located. Often the body of the dryer is equipped with a pistol grip.

The fan draws air through one of the pipe sections, the air flow passes by the electric heater, heats up and leaves the pipe through the opposite section. Various nozzles can be installed on the output cut of the hairdryer pipe, which change the configuration of the air flow. The entrance cut is usually closed with a grill in order to prevent large objects, such as fingers, from getting inside the case of the hair dryer.

A number of models of blowdryers allow you to adjust the temperature and air flow rate at the outlet. Temperature control is achieved either by switching on in parallel a different number of heaters or using an adjustable thermostat or by changing the flow rate.

There are two main types of blowdryers – hair dryer for drying and styling hair and technical hair dryer. The principle of their operation is the same, the only difference is in the temperature and flow rate of air at the outlet of the device.