Cabinets 3D Models

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3D Models of Cabinets for Home and Office Furniture.

The first cabinets appeared in the Middle Ages. They were very different from modern ones, and in addition to clothes, they kept many other things. Shafu can be considered the result of the evolution of the chest. Since the invention of the cabinet, it quickly expanded due to its convenience, because things in it, in contrast to the chest, can be placed on the shelves. Then these things are easier to get and find. Cabinets are distinguished by purpose and type.

It is likely that the cabinets were first used only for the storage of clothing. However, having realized the benefit of this subject, it was used to store books, utensils, clothes (wardrobe), money (safe) and other things. Several cabinets forming an ensemble are called “wall”. The wall usually contains various appointments of cabinets, which are combined with mezzanines and bedside tables. The walls have an aesthetic look, provide a cozy room and style.

There are several types of cabinets: ordinary, multi-door, open (without doors), wardrobe, also there are cabinets with mezzanines. A separate view can be considered a nightstand – a reduced kind of cabinet, mostly one-door, up to 1.3 meters high.

  • Dressing closet (wardrobe, wardrobe) – wardrobe for clothes storage.
  • Bedside table is a small wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe – a wardrobe with sliding doors, similar to doors in a railway compartment.
  • Buffet – a wardrobe for dishes and products.
  • Bookcase – a bookcase for books.