Lamp 3D Models

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3D Models of Lamp for the Home and Office Furniture.

It is a device for creating visible light under the action of electric current. This is the most common way of forming artificial light and is very important for modern society because it provides its light in the middle of the buildings and the exterior lighting for evening and night activities.

Small bulbs are usually called bulbs. Lamps usually have a base made of ceramics, metal, glass or plastic, which allows you to safely place it in the cartridge. The electrical connection to the cartridge can be carried out with a screw thread, two metal plugs, caps or a bayonet cover.

There are three main types of electric lamps: a burning one that produces light by means of a burning thread, a special element heated by a white electric current, gas-discharge that produce light with an arc discharge in the gas medium, and LED, that produce light by electron flux in the semiconductor.

Before electric lighting became a common occurrence in the early 20th century, people used candles, kerosene lamps, oil, and fire. The first light bulb was invented by Humphrey Devi in 1802, after which the first practical study of gas-discharge light in 1806 took place. In the 1870s, Davy’s gas-discharge lamp was successfully commercialized and was used to illuminate many public spaces. The development of glow elements with stable luminescence, which would be suitable for use in the room, took more time, but in the early twentieth century.