Utensils 3D Models

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3D Models of Utensils for Kitchen and Dining.

A kitchen utensil is a tool that is used in the culinary field for the preparation of dishes, both in direct contact with food, as a mixer or indirect (as a minute hand ).

In prehistory food was prepared on a bonfire using very rudimentary tools such as a stone bowl to heat liquids, a mortar and pestle to pulverize herbs and salt and flint stone to cut the meat, which was later punctured in a spit to be able to turn it over the fire.

With time came the wooden utensils, later those made of iron and more recently those made of plastic. Finally, the electrical and electronic era, which allows automate and accelerate many culinary preparation processes.

From the primitive tableware of stone, clay or wood, passing through the metals of the Bronze Age and the glass ones (mentioned by Pliny the Elder ), to the modern glazed porcelain tableware, different metallurgical and industrial alloys and plastic materials, etc.