Human Anatomy: Digestive System 3D Model

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Source Files/Specs
Available Source 3D Model File Formats
3D Studio (.3ds) 3.35 MB
Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws) 2.09 MB
3D Studio Max file (.max) [2009] 8.34 MB
Maya (.ma .mb) [2009] 6.26 MB
Softimage (.hrc, .xsi) 4.05 MB
Autodesk FBX file (.fbx) 3.34 MB
Wavefront (.obj) 3.21 MB
Texture 2.57 MB
Cinema 4D (.c4d) [R10] 2.33 MB
Human Anatomy: Digestive System 3D Model

in 3D Studio (.3ds), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), 3D Studio Max file (.max), Maya (.ma .mb), Softimage (.hrc, .xsi), Autodesk FBX file (.fbx), Wavefront (.obj), Texture, Cinema 4D (.c4d)

no Vray or any other plugin required

High resolution, realistic, detailed, medically and anatomically accurate model of a complete digestive system with all parts - from mouth to anus.

- Created in 3dsmax

- State of the art texturing and procedural maping materials

- Anatomicaly and medicaly correct

- You can easly control mesh smoothnes of every part by aplied modifiers.

- geometry divided by elements (you can easlly change colors, materials)

- All parts fully maped

- This scene is perfect solution for very high resolution renderings: 8000x8000 pixels render time is about 7 mins

- Perfect solution for High Definition resolution medical visualisation, animation, commercial, etc. - 1 frame in HD render time is about 11 seconds

Scene Includes ALL parts of digestive system:

- Mouth
- Teeth
- Throat
- Esophagus
- Stomach
- Gallblader
- Liver
- Duodenum
- Pancreas
- Spleen
- Hepatic Flexure
- Acending Colon
- Ileum
- Cecum
- Appendix
- Splenic Flexura of Transverse Colon
- Transverse Colon
- Jejunum
- Small Intestines
- Large Instestines
- Decending Colon
- Sigmoid Colon
- Rectum
- Sigmoid Flexure
- Anus

This model is available for:

- 3ds max 2009 (Render Ready)
- Maya (materials)
- Cinema4D (materials)
- LightWave (materials)
- Softimage (materials)

multi file formats for various software:

- 3DS (materials)
- OBJ (materials)
- FBX (materials)

polygons: 153 579
vertices: 79 148

By using this model in your project you are sure to please your audience with a top class, accurate representation of the human digestive system.

Also check out my other anatomy models, just click on my user name to see complete gallery.

Thank you for your time.

keywords: digestive system human man male anatomy biology people body stomach liver pancreas esophagus gallbladd gallblader organ zygote bowel correct small large intestines anus spleen acending colon duodenum splenic flexura transverse hepatic flexure sigmoid jejunum rectum head mouth teeth throat gum tooth gums tongue uvula tonsil palate realistic detailed medically anatomically accurate collection internal organs medical visualisation animation render

Geometry: Polygonal
Polygons: 153,579
Vertices: 79,148
Textures: Yes
Materials Yes
Animated: No
Rigged: No
2011-07-20 11:05 AM GMT +0000
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Wavefront (.obj)

[10876 polygons, 32628 vertices] 237.2 KB, textures 64 x 64 in png

[16260 polygons, 48780 vertices] 400.15 KB, textures 128 x 128 in png

[25298 polygons, 75894 vertices] 773.47 KB, textures 256 x 256 in png

[153579 polygons, 93642 vertices] 3.91 MB, textures 512 x 512 in png

Collada (.dae)

[10876 polygons, 32628 vertices] 291.09 KB, textures 64 x 64 in png

[16260 polygons, 48780 vertices] 512.15 KB, textures 128 x 128 in png

[25298 polygons, 75894 vertices] 1010.08 KB, textures 256 x 256 in png

[153579 polygons, 93642 vertices] 3.36 MB, textures 512 x 512 in png

Wikitude (.wt3)BETA

[153579 polygons, 93642 vertices] 1.31 KB

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StereoLithography (.stl)

[153579 polygons, 93642 vertices] 4.81 MB

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