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Cinema 4D (.c4d) [R9] 5.06 MB
3D Studio (.3ds) 5.06 MB
Wavefront (.obj) 8.41 MB
Micro cells models collection 3D Model

in Cinema 4D (.c4d), 3D Studio (.3ds), Wavefront (.obj)

Complete collection of detailed microscope cells models, with coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) style materials (cinema4d).
Complete collection of detailed microscope cells models.
The collection enclose:
A sperm cell with internal parts (4750 polygons)
A neuron cell (21411 polygons)
4 different red blood cells (6648 polygons)
1 White blood cell (70000 polygons)
A chromosome with DNA (23736 polygons)
A Helicobacter pylori bacteria (2727 polygons)
2 Legionella pneumophila bacteria (3494 polygons)
3 Bacillus bacteria (3298 polygons)
A Staphylococcus aureus bacteria cluster (8200 polygons)
1 escherichia coli bacteria (43310 polygons)
1 Model of H5N1 bird flu virus (28908 polygons)
3 generic virus models (87172 polygons)

Geometry: Polygonal
Textures: No
Materials No
Animated: No
Rigged: No
2011-02-13 07:35 AM GMT +0000
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Wavefront (.obj)

[7096 polygons, 21288 vertices] 205.21 KB

[14997 polygons, 44991 vertices] 401.71 KB

[24995 polygons, 74985 vertices] 702.76 KB

[119991 polygons, 85930 vertices] 2.66 MB

Collada (.dae)

[7096 polygons, 21288 vertices] 284.39 KB

[14997 polygons, 44991 vertices] 558.52 KB

[24995 polygons, 74985 vertices] 1.01 MB

[119991 polygons, 85930 vertices] 2.25 MB

Wikitude (.wt3)BETA

[119991 polygons, 85930 vertices] 826 bytes

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StereoLithography (.stl)

[119991 polygons, 85930 vertices] 3.24 MB

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