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Make Money from your 3D Content

Flat Pyramid offers you a simple and quick way to sell your 3D content on the web.

If you own the rights to 3D computer graphics and related content, you can earn significant revenue by selling your content on Flat Pyramid. Sell your 3D models, textures, 3D tutorials, 3D software, plugins, computer generated images or renders.  Flat Pyramid offers you the opportunity to continue to earn money by licensing your work for others to use – while you retain your licensing rights. It is simple, quick and easy to publish your 3D content and you can start earning significant revenue right away!

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Selling Your 3D Content On Flat Pyramid

  • Access to our global marketplace of buyers who are searching to buy your stock 3D content 24 hours a day, everyday.
  • Quick and easy to start selling; upload your files, create your products and publish to start selling and earning royalties.
  • Fifty five percent (55%) commissions on all sales.
  • Monthly payments by PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Check or Wire Transfer.  As your stock portfolio grows, you can achieve regular, ongoing income from a relatively small initial upfront investment of time.
  • Non-exclusive contract and you have complete control over your 3D content; you retain all rights and can do whatever you like with it; including selling it elsewhere or instantly removing it from Flat Pyramid marketplace.
  • You set the price of your products (currently, the minimum price is $20) and there is no maximum price limit.
  • Simple, straightforward and very competitive in the stock computer graphics industry.
  • Aggressive marketing on your behalf.  Extensive, ongoing campaigns designed to bring business and sell your stock 3D content.
  • Excellent help and support, which is an essential part of our online 3D services. We guarantee customer satisfaction and work with you to address your specific needs.


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Earn Money From Your 3D Assets...In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Upload your files via FTP or using our webform. Images, videos and animations will be automatically processed to create a low-resolution, watermarked version for previewing.
  2. Tag your products with information, such as the title, description, keywords, price, thumbnails and demos. When you’re done filling out your information, publish your product to start selling it.
  3. Start earning royalties. Sit back and start earning royalties as buyers everywhere in the world are able to search and buy your products 24 hours a day. Each time your product is purchased, you will be credited 55% of the price you have set for that product.  Each month, you will receive your earnings by Check, PayPal or Wire Transfer. It’s that easy.

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