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Acura 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Acura – a division of the Honda concern, specializing in the production of luxury cars and sports cars for car makers in North America and Hong Kong. In essence, Acura manufactures modifications of the basic models of the Honda Motor Company with premium equipment.

American Honda Motor Co. Assembly Plant was opened in California on March 27, 1986. The name “Acura” appeared in 1989 and relates exclusively to the prestigious Honda models sold in the United States. The tactical and technical data of the cars of the brand Acura, as a rule, do not differ from the corresponding parameters of the models of firm Honda. In this case, the names of the models coincide. Most of the models are produced directly in North America (CL and TL series), and some models – RL and NSX because of small sales volumes imported from Japan. The release of only “American” models of Acura in 1999 amounted to 101.3 thousand units. The main difference between the car models from similar Honda cars is the sporty appearance and the highest level of serial equipment. In addition, Acura represents the most prestigious TL and RL models in the United States, which Honda does not offer to Europeans.

The emblem uses the stylization of the letter “A”, which resembles metal tweezers. Such a simple drawing is caused by the complexity of registration in the US of new brands – almost always in the official register of logos, there is a similar trademark.

Most popural Acura 3D models on Flatpyramid:

  • NSX
  • MDX
  • Integra