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Aircraft covers the scope of scientific and technical activities aimed at the development of near-Earth airspace (within the earth’s atmosphere), by creating, producing and most efficiently using aircraft of all types and purposes. One of the youngest and most intensively developing areas of technology, which has concentrated in itself many of the characteristic features of modern scientific and technological progress: the comprehensive use of diverse engineering experience and theoretical studies, the rapid improvement and replacement of designs of various types and groups of machinery, the satisfaction of rigid and often conflicting requirements (for example, to the weight and strength of aircraft, to the values of their maximum and landing speeds), etc.

Aircraft is a collective concept that denotes the whole aggregate of aircraft heavier than air for movement in near-earth airspace, all the achievements of specialized fields of knowledge (aerodynamics, flight mechanics, air navigation, etc.) and the entire system of organizations and government agencies that use aircrafts heavier than air, and also – possess aerodromes, specialists and appropriate means of flight support.

The principle of flight

The principle of flight is a concept that defines the category of basic physical laws adopted to describe the motion of a given flying object under given flight conditions.
The principle of flight is determined by the manner in which and by which the lifting force is created. At present, the following principles of flight in which the lifting force is determined are of technical importance:

– aerostatic – Archimedean force equal to the force of gravity displaced by the body of the mass of air;
– aerodynamic – the lifting force is created through the force interaction of the aircraft moving through the air. Thus, the force of gravity is overcome thanks to the aerodynamic force, as the force of reaction to the dropping of a part of the air flowing around the bearing surfaces of the aircraft.
– inertial – by the inertia of the flying body due to the initial margin of speed or altitude, therefore such a flight is also called passive;
– rocketodynamic – reactive force due to the rejection of a part of the mass of the flying body. In accordance with the law of conservation of the momentum of the system, motion occurs when separating from the body with some velocity of some part of its mass;

In an airless space, an aircraft can perform an inertial flight or on other physical principles (for example, using a solar sail on the area of which the star wind pressures, or by obtaining acceleration after a turn between relatively massive planets, performing a gravitational maneuver (see Voyager 2).

In this category you will find all kinds of aircraft 3D models like warplanes, bombers, jets, commercial and cargo planes, helicopters and others. You wiil find .fbx .c4d .lwo .lws .lw .obj file formats.

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