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The fauna is a historically established set of animal species that live in a given area and are included in all its biogeocenosis. Pets, animals in zoos, etc. are not part of the fauna. The concept of fauna includes both systematic and geographical content, therefore the principle of restriction must be geographical and systematic, the fauna of insects, fauna fish. The latter circumstance is due to the fact that in practice it is impossible to obtain a complete list of species of a given territory due to both their great diversity and lack of taxonomists.

The essential feature of any fauna is the ecological nature of its constituent species. For example, the fauna of tropical areas is characterized by a large number of species adapted to live on trees and trophic relationships associated with them; the fauna of the steppe territories is characterized by the predominance of fleeing and burrowing animals, hibernating, feeding on hard grass and cereals, etc.

One of the main indicators of the fauna is the proportion of endemics – it shows the degree of isolation and the age of the fauna.

Species with a similar distribution are grouped into geographical elements of the fauna. Geographical analysis of the fauna can tell about the peculiarities of the origin of the fauna and its connections with neighboring and remote faunas. According to geographic elements, species can be related to faunas: Mediterranean, Circumboreal, Euro-Siberian, Central Asian, Circumpolar, etc. Adventure species are species that have been artificially introduced from other regions and introduced.