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Bathroom 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Bathroom – a room in an apartment or residential building, intended for bathing or showering. Usually, the bathrooms are equipped with a bath and/or shower and sink and other plumbing fixtures. Bathrooms are now often equipped with toilets as well as a bidet.

The practice of hygiene has its origin in the civilization of ancient India, from the 3000s BC, then the bathroom appeared as a place to improve the appearance and satisfy the physiological needs of man.

In the past, the bathroom, as a rule, was a public place and, besides the hygienic functions, it also had social features. In it, people met, communicated, exchanged information and trade.

The bathroom unit should take into account the use of hot and cold water in large quantities. Water, besides bathing or showering, can also be used to flush solid and liquid human waste into a sewer or septic tank if the bathroom is combined with a toilet. Water during use can get on the walls and floor of the room, and hot humid air can lead to condensation of water on cold surfaces. Therefore, the construction of the bathroom is a difficult task. The ceiling, walls, and floor should be covered with waterproof materials and easy to clean. Because of this, ceramic tiles, glass, and plastic panels are often used as finishing materials for their ease of cleaning. Thus, the design of the bathroom can be quite complicated and costly. The floor is often trimmed with ceramic tiles, but its surface is slippery and cold to the touch. To eliminate these inconveniences, use waterproof mats, specially made for bathrooms. In the homes of better-off families can find heated floors.