Monuments 3D Models

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On FlatPyramid you will find different monument 3D models, among them:

  • Statues;
  • Triumphal arches, obelisks, rostral columns, triumphal columns;
  • Trophies and cenotaphs;
  • Abstract composition;
  • Technical monuments;
  • Memorial complexes;
  • Monuments;

In addition to fulfilling the objective historical function, many monuments bear political burden, being the objects of fundamental propaganda. The diversity of monuments is studied by the general monumentology, which pays special attention to monuments-symbols.

Creation of monument 3d model requires a lot of time because 3d artist should pay attention to details which were created by original artist, also he needs a high quality pictures of this monument which is sometimes hard to get. On Flatpyramid you can find all popular monument 3D models like Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower and if you can’t find a monument that you want, you can order a custom model from our professional artists.