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3D Architecture / Architectural Objects Collections of 3D Models for Architectural Visualizations.

By status, architectural objects are divided by:

  • local importance
  • national significance
  • international importance
  • undiscovered but worthy of the status of the monument.

The first three categories are subject to accounting and state protection. Undiscovered but worthy of the status of a monument – constantly replenish lists (lists) of the first three categories. The status of architectural monuments are erected as antique monuments (Acropolis, Teotihuacan, Borobudur), and old buildings (Notre-Dame-du-O or Chapel Rossan Le Corbusier), depending on the uniqueness and influence on the artistic situation.

The statue of an architectural monument may receive an object, regardless of its previous function (sacred, military-defense or civilian, residential, commercial). The architectural monument always has unique qualities due to the uniqueness of forms, engineering design, the processing of building materials, their combination or use, decoration (mosaic, relief, fresco, modeling, etc.).

The state of not yet discovered objects, the most threatening. For example, in the Turkish province in the weeds found the ruins of the Byzantine Christian temple. According to the Turkish name of a neighboring village, the Christian temple was called Dere-Agza, because the scholars did not find any descriptions of the temple, nor its Greek name. The measurements of the ruins proved that the unknown temple is quite large (length 39 m, width 21 the, diameter of the dome – an 8 m, height of the temple – 20 m). They made a folder and put it on the shelf.

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