Public Spaces 3D Models

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3D Models of Public Spaces and other Architectural Structures.

Public space – the territory or space of the potential location of people. It is determined in order to regulate civil legal relations arising outside private spaces, where the legal status and the very possibility of finding individual citizens are limited by virtue of a general law and law-based private norms.

Within the framework of one and the same state, signs of a public place are not universal and are established in the context of specific laws and regulations. These clarifications, – as a rule, in the form of an exhaustive enumeration – are determined by the rule-maker within his competence, respectively, the range of tasks, the regulation of which involves the corresponding act. The legal significance of signs (lists) of public places, defined in acts of local government, is limited to the limits of its territorial and administrative competence, with the unconditional rule of state laws over local norms.

The typology of public places in different countries is not the same due to differences in their local laws. At the same time, different sets of requirements, restrictions, and prohibitions may apply to the same type of public place in different countries.