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Architectural Structures Collections 3D Models.

Architecturе is often perceived as work of art, as cultural or political symbol. Historical civilizations are characterized by their architectural achievements. The architecture allows you to perform the vital functions of society, at the same time guides the life processes. However, the architecture is created in accordance with the capabilities and needs of people.

The subject of work with the space is the organization of the populated area as a whole. It stood out in a separate direction – urban planning, which covers a complex of socio-economic, construction, technical, architectural, artistic, sanitary and hygienic problems. For the same reason, it is difficult to give a correct assessment of the architectural structure, not knowing urban planning.

The Pritzker Prize is one of the highest international awards in the field of architecture, awarded annually for the most outstanding achievements in the field of architecture.

By decision of the Twentieth General Assembly of the International Union of Architects, held in Barcelona in 1996, every year on the first Monday of October is the international professional holiday of architects and connoisseurs of architectural masterpieces – World Architecture Day