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3D Architectural Walls Objects downloadable 3dmodels for computer graphics modeling.

The wall is a structural element in architecture and construction that creates the outer perimeter of a building or room in the form of a vertical fencing structure separating the room from the surrounding space or adjacent rooms.

The wall of a building is a bearing and/or building element. Structurally, the outer walls can be single-layer or complex construction.

An important part of the design of the walls are temperature shrinkage joints.

They serve to physically separate the opposing sides, dividing cities, regions and entire countries.

The wall has divided Nicosia from Cyprus in 1974 into two parts, Greek and Turkish.
The Indian wall separating Kashmir stretches for 550 kilometers. The Indian side erected fences along the 740-kilometer line with Pakistan, shifting the fences to Pakistan’s territory by about 137 meters. India states that the barriers are erected solely to prevent the penetration of terrorists and the transfer of weapons to the state. The barriers consist of concentric rows of barbed wire from the ground up to a height of 2.4-3.7 meters. The electric current is brought to the wire, there are motion sensors, night vision cameras, thermal imagers, etc. Construction began in 1990 and continued, despite the protests of Pakistan, until 2003. After a break in 2003, the construction was resumed and was completed in 2004. Indian militants say that the fence has reduced the number of attacks by militants in the region by 80%.
The partition wall is built between North Korea and South Korea.