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3D Models of Baseball on Flatpyramid.

Baseball is a team sport game with a baseball and a bat.

Baseball is most popular in Cuba, the United States, Venezuela, Japan, China and South Korea. In the USA, Japan, the Czech Republic and other countries, softball is also common – a simplified version of the game – that can be played indoors and on small fields.

The evolution of vintage bat games and baseball is traced with difficulty. The French manuscript of 1344 contains an illustration in which priests are depicted playing a certain game — presumably “la soule” —similar to baseball. It is believed that modern game is the North American development of the older English lapta, popular in Great Britain and Ireland.

For a long time, Ebner Doubleday from the town of Cooperstown was considered the author of the rules of the game. However, even the fact of residence of a person with such a name in Cooperstown is being challenged. In 1845, New Yorker Alexander Cartwright developed the rules for the game, which were soon adopted by all the baseball clubs in the city. June 19, 1846 the first match of the rules of Cartwright. In 1869, in the city of Cincinnati, the local Red Stockings team became the first team to start paying players money for participating in matches. Two years later, the first professional league in the USA and in the world was created. By the beginning of the 20th century, most of the cities on the east coast of the United States had their own professional game teams.