Citroen 3D Models

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Citroen 3D models are popular. Citroen is a French automotive company. Is an independent branch of the French concern PSA Peugeot Citroën.

The  History

In the early 1990s, when the fashion world returned to the original world of fashion, Citroën, as one of the founders of the extravagant and original style, boldly rushed into battle.

The situation changed radically in 1997, with the advent of the General Director of the concern Jean-Martin Foltz, who decided to “heal” the financial side of the company, sending all the forces to creative design activities to make the maximum number of differences in the car two seeming concern brands. For Citroën, such a solution has become truly the beginning of a revival.

In recent years, the range of Citroën cars has been completely upgraded. Absolutely all models received a new stylish design and advanced specifications that allowed Citroën Concern to achieve steady and dynamic sales growth: 52% over the past five years!

In 2000, Citroën surpassed its record sales record in its history, selling more than 1 million vehicles. And this is not the limit, as dynamic growth performance figures have survived even now, despite the fact that global demand for cars has been steadily declining over the past years.

The Forbes magazine named Jean-Martin Folz, the head of the PSA concern, as a businessman in 2001, by pointing out his skills, correctly prioritizing, restoring the profitability of the company as soon as possible and raising its profitability to high rates. In 2002, more than 1,312,000 buyers were seated behind the wheel of new double-chevron cars.

The “C”, launched by the sedan of the middle-class C5, literally grew to a size of a number of leading German manufacturers in a few years. Minivan C8, compact hatchback C4, C2, the dream of Moscow C3 drivers, the tiny C1 and finally the gigantic luxury sedan C6, which may repeat the success of the legendary “Goddess” Citroen DS.

Citroën 3D models:

  • GT
  • C1-C6
  • C4-Aircross
  • C-Crosser
  • C8