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Electronics Video Collection 3D models on Flatpyramid may include different video devices.

VCR – a device for recording a television signal on a magnetic tape and its subsequent reproduction. It differs from the tape recorder by the multiply increased frequency of the recorded frequencies and the device of the tape drive mechanism. The image and sound recorded by a VCR is called a Videogram. The ability to record high-frequency and pulsed signals makes the VCR suitable not only for video recording, but also for other applications related to recording information. In some foreign languages, coil and cassette video recorders are called different phrases, such as English. Video Tape Recorder, VTR – reel and English. Video Cassette Recorder, VCR – cassette.

Before the advent of the first recordable video broadcasting of VCRs, the recorders were used to record and store television programs. The poor quality of the resulting image and the expensive laboratory processing of the film forced the developers to constantly look for other ways to store video. In this way there was a magnetic recording that does not require processing of the carrier and the optical transformation of the video signal. However, a wide range of its frequencies did not allow recording in the same way as in a magnetic recording.

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