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3D Microphone Audio royalty free for 3D computer graphics modeling.

A microphone is an electroacoustic device that converts acoustic oscillations into an electrical signal.

In Bell’s telephone, the microphone, as a separate node, was absent; its function was performed by an electromagnetic capsule that combined the functions of a mic and a telephone capsule. The first device used only as a microphone was Edison’s carbon mic, the invention of which was also independently declared by Heinrich Makhalsky in 1878 and Pavel Golubitsky in 1883. Its action is based on the change in resistance between the grains of coal powder when the pressure changes on their totality.

The condenser microphone was invented by Bell Labs engineer Edward Christopher Wente in 1916. In it, the sound acts on a thin metal membrane, changing the distance between the membrane and the metal body. Thus, the capacitor formed by the membrane and the housing changes the capacitance. If a constant voltage is applied to the plates, a change in capacitance will induce a current through the capacitor, thereby forming an electrical signal in the external circuit.

Dynamic microphones, which differ from coal ones by much better linearity of characteristics and good frequency properties, and from condenser ones, more acceptable electrical properties, have become more popular. The first dynamic microphone was invented in 1924 by German scientists Erlach (Gerwin Erlach) and Schottky belt-type microphone. They arranged a corrugated ribbon of very thin (about 2 microns) aluminum foil in a magnetic field. Such mics are still used in studio sound recordings due to extremely wide frequency characteristics, but their sensitivity is low, the output impedance is very small (fractions of an ohm), which significantly complicates the design of amplifiers. In addition, sufficient sensitivity is achievable only with a significant area of the ribbon (and hence the size of the magnet), as a result, such microphones have larger sizes and weights compared to all other types.