Speakers 3D Models

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3D Models of Speakers on Flatpyramid.

A speaker is a device for converting electrical signals into acoustic (sound) and emitting them into the surrounding space. It consists of one or several radiating heads, which are actually sound sources, as well as acoustic design required for more efficient sound emission in a given frequency band.

Functionally, telephones (headphones) are close to speakers, however, they are not intended to emit sound into an open space.

Alexander Graham Bell patented the first electrodynamic head (primer) as one of the component parts of his phone, in 1876-1877. In 1878, the design was improved by Werner von Siemens. Nikola Tesla in 1881 also declared the invention of such a device but did not atent it. At the same time, Thomas Edison received a British patent for a system that used compressed air as a sound amplification mechanism in its early roll phonographs, but ultimately installed the usual metal horn, which caused vibrations of air in the membrane, related to the needle. In 1898, H. Short patented the design of a speaker controlled by compressed air and then sold the rights to Charles Parsons, who had received several more British patents before 1910.