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GMC, formerly GM Truck and Coach and GMC Truck, is a division of General Motors, as well as a brand of cars it produces. Under the brand you may find trucks, SUVs, pickups and vans. The company operates in North America and in the Middle East. In 2010, 408,314 cars were manufactured under the brand, which is 57% higher than the previous year.

In 1901, Max Grabowski created a car company called the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. The first model of the company was the Rapid truck. Initially, the company specialized in the production of light and middle-class trucks. In 1908, the company is part of the concern General Motors. It was assumed that the company will become the center of the cargo division of the concern. In the same year, GM acquired Reliance Motor Car Company. Both companies were merged in 1911 into a single structure, GMC Truck. In 1912, the combined company produced 22 thousand cars.

In 1916, the company set a record: the GMC Truck crossed the country in 30 days. In 1926, a new record was set: the journey from New York to San Francisco was driven by truck in 5 days and 30 minutes.

GMC 3D models file formats: 3ds, max, fbx, c4d, lwo, ma, mb, hrc, xsi, obj