Guns 3D Models

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Guns 3D models one of the most popular categories among 3D models.

Guns, firearm – a kinetic weapon, in which to accelerate and eject projectile (mines, bullets) from the barrel bore is used the pressure force of gases produced during the combustion of propellant (powder) or special combustible mixtures. Combines the means of direct destruction (artillery shell, mine, bullet) and the means of throwing them to the target (gun, mortar, machine gun, etc.). (By the second sign can also be considered a type of throwing weapons.) It is divided into artillery, small arms, and grenade launchers.

Formally, multiple-launch rocket systems belong to firearms.

The first gun (the bamboo “fiery spear” – a prototype of hand-squeaking) appeared in China, was recorded in 1132.

It is officially believed that guns arose in the XIV century in Europe when the development of technology allowed the use of gunpowder energy. This marked a new era in the military – the emergence of artillery, including a separate branch of artillery – manual artillery.

The first samples of handguns were relatively short iron or bronze pipes, deafly sealed at one end, which sometimes ended in a rod (entirely metal or turning into a shaft). Pipes without rods were attached to the boxes, which were roughly processed wooden decks.

According to the caliber of weapons, shells are divided into:

  • caliber type – bullets;
  • subcaliber type – canister, fraction.

According to the method of execution, the shells are divided into:

  • shell – having a copper, nickel silver, tompak or bimetallic shell containing the remaining components of the projectile;
  • without enclosures – from soft metal (lead, lead alloys, less often tin, etc.), from metal ceramics.

By way of impact on the target, shells are divided into:

  • usual – upon striking, forming an even wound channel (see. Gunshot wound);
  • expansive – opening up or collapsing when hitting an obstacle in order to maximize the transfer of kinetic energy to tissues and to achieve maximum stopping action.
  • special – designed to perform special tasks: armor-piercing, tracer, incendiary, sighting and their combinations.
  • traumatic – with low penetrating power, not intended to cause death. They are made of elastic materials (rubber) with a relatively low specific weight.

According to the principle of the reloading automation:

  • Self-loading
  • Automatic
    • Actually an automatic weapon (powered by the energy of powder gases).
    • Weapons with an external source of energy (for example, Minigun).
  • Multiple guns and revolvers.

Guns 3D models by purpose:

  • Rifles (shotguns, carbines)
  • Automatic (assault rifles)
  • Submachine guns
  • Machine guns are firearms, characterized by a high density of fire
  • Pistols
  • Revolvers
  • Atypical weapons