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Medical 3D printing and 3D modeling are developing now very fast, in this category on Flatpyramid you will find anatomy 3D models.

Normal (systematic) human anatomy is a section of human anatomy that studies the structure of the “normal,” that is, the healthy human body through organ systems, organs, and tissues.

An organ is a part of the body of a certain form and structure that has a certain localization in the body and performs a specific function (s). Each organ is formed by certain tissues that have a characteristic cellular composition. Organs that are functionally combined constitute a system of organs. In the Russian anatomical school, the system of organs is considered to be a functionally united group of organs that have anatomical and embryological affinity; groups of organs united only functionally are called organ apparatus (locomotor, speech, endocrine, etc.). However, there is often a terminological substitution of the “organ apparatus” by the “organ system”.

Some organs perform several functions and belong to different systems: for example, the thymus gland (thymus gland) is a functional part of both the immune and endocrine systems, the pancreas is endocrine and digestive, the male urethra is urinary and reproductive, and so on.

The systems and apparatus of organs form a complete human organism. The constancy of the internal environment (homeostasis) is maintained through the neurohumoral regulation of metabolic processes in the body, ensured by the friendly functioning of the nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Sections of the normal (systematic) human anatomy are: osteology – the study of bones, artro-syndesmology – the study of joints of parts of the skeleton, myology – the study of muscles, splanchnology – the study of internal organs of the digestive, respiratory and urogenital systems, angiology – the study of the circulatory and lymphatic systems , anatomy of the nervous system (neurology) – the study of the central and peripheral nervous systems, esthesiology – the study of the senses.

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