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Dentistry 3D models on Flatpyramid.

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that studies teeth, their structure and functioning, their diseases, methods of their prevention and treatment, as well as diseases of the oral cavity, jaws and border areas of the face and neck. A dentist is often called a dentist (from Fr. dentiste), although the concept of a dentist includes not only dentists but also dentists, dental assistants, and dental technicians.

Dentistry – the science that studies the structure, function, rate, and pathology of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area.

Dental science is an integrated approach to the research, identification, and treatment of dental diseases that are beyond the medical norm and trigger a whole set of pathological conditions.

Aesthetic dentistry is a rapidly gaining popularity in the dental industry, which has long and firmly retained its leading position in the West. It was the Hollywood dream factory that became the mother of the artistic restoration of teeth – the origin of the “Hollywood smile” is understandable without decoding. The civilized attitude to the health and aesthetic state of their teeth characterizes not only the level of human culture, but also emphasizes its social position. “Iron” rough teeth or, even worse, obvious failures in the dentition not only disfigure and age a person, but also emphasize his low self-esteem and levity in relation to his health.