Eye 3D Models

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Eye 3D models are the models of a sensory organ (organ of the visual system) of human or animals that have the ability to perceive electromagnetic radiation in the light wavelength range and provides the function of vision. A person through the eye receives about 90% of the information from the outside world.

The eye of vertebrate animals is a peripheral part of the visual analyzer in which the neurosensory (photoreceptor) cells of the retina perform the photoreceptor function.

The human eye consists of an eyeball and optic nerve with its shells. There are two eyes located in the sockets of the humans or other vertebrates skulls.

The eyeball consists of membranes that surround the inner core of the eye, representing its transparent contents – the vitreous body, lens, and aqueous humor in the anterior and posterior chambers.

The core of the eyeball is surrounded by three shells: outer, middle and inner.

Most popular file formats: 3ds, max, fbx, c4d, lwo, hrc, xsi, texture, obj