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3D Models of Medical Monitors and other electronic equipment.

With the help of surgical monitors, designed in accordance with the standards of use in health care, surgeons and their assistants can view clear images in any resolution up to 4K from medical cameras and other visualization devices. Due to the presence of various connectors and display modes, monitors can be easily integrated into modern medical systems. Medical monitors provide high brightness, contrast and image quality stability. This equipment is intended for professional medical use only. The registration status of medical devices varies by country.

There are a lot of manufacturers of monitors, but there are much less manufacturers of LCD monitors. There are various types of panels that differ in viewing angle, color transfer, response time, the higher the performance, the higher the cost. Medical monitor is better to choose monochrome LCD display. This panel is designed to more fully transfer the image of the x-ray. On expensive LCD panels in the production process is the brightness setting for uniform illumination of the screen.

The most widespread opinion that the main difference between a household monitor and a medical one is resolution. This opinion is erroneous, only a certain number of medical monitors have a sufficient resolution exceeding a household monitor. Different types of X-ray apparatus require different resolutions of the medical monitor.