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The muscular system 3D models on Flatpyramid.

The muscular system (musculature) is a system of organs of higher animals and humans, formed by skeletal muscles, which, by contracting, set in motion the bones of the skeleton, thanks to which the body moves in all its manifestations.

The muscular system is absent in single-celled and sponges, however, these animals are not deprived of the ability to move.

The muscular system is a combination of capable of reducing muscle fibers, combined into bundles, which form special organs – muscles or independently form part of the internal organs. Muscle mass is much more than the mass of other organs: in vertebrates, it can reach up to 50% of the mass of the whole body, in an adult – up to 40%. The muscle tissue of animals is also called meat and, along with some other components of the bodies of animals, is eaten. In muscle tissue, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy and heat.

Functions of the muscular system 3D models:

  • motor;
  • protective (for example, protection of the abdominal cavity by an abdominal pressure);
  • shaping (muscle development to some extent determines the shape of the body and the function of other systems, for example, the respiratory system);
  • energy (transformation of chemical energy into mechanical and thermal).