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The development of computer technology and technological progress is fully felt the medical industry. This has helped to reach a new stage of development, to use the latest devices in order to help people regain health or maintain it at a decent level. Medical devices were designed to ensure that the patient was provided with the most optimal conditions. The equipment is divided according to the medical field it is used. It is impossible to imagine that doctors perform their work without the diagnostic equipment necessary to obtain high-quality images. These include devices for ultrasound, x-ray machines, computer and emission tomographs.

For example ENT devices – high-quality, reliable and convenient, in order to provide assistance to people suffering from otolaryngological diseases. The group of these medical instruments can be found on Flatpyramid, they may differ in their functionality.

Operating lamps and a table, a medical aspirator belong to the surgical equipment. Without operating tables it is impossible to imagine the functioning of any clinic. This object is necessary in order to examine patients, conduct surgical interventions. Operating tables are strong enough, they can change their position, due to which they are quite convenient to use for patients and doctors.

To carry out the prevention of various diseases, doctors are using rehabilitation devices. They are specially created to ensure the recovery of the human body after injuries or surgeries. If a person takes a course of physical therapy, he will definitely need such simulators. After all, they are specially created for people who may have impaired function of the musculoskeletal system. If the patient underwent surgery, then without special medical equipment, suction fluid, can not do. It is necessary during and after operations.

On Flatpyramid you will find such Medical Devices 3D models:

  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Microscope
  • Defibrillator