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Medical Equipment – a device that is used to diagnose, prevent or treat various diseases. Includes instruments, apparatus, implants, in vitro reagents, consumables, jigs, appliances, furniture, and other products.

Without special medical devices, it would be difficult to achieve effective effects of drugs on the human body, as well as the introduction of certain medicinal chemicals into the body. Because drugs using medical devices are much more effective on a living organism through various physical, mechanical or thermal effects.

There are both generally accepted medical devices used in various branches of medicine and fairly new devices, often for individual use, for the treatment or diagnosis of specific diseases.

Medical devices vary widely in complexity and use. Examples include simple devices, such as medical thermometers and disposable gloves, as well as more complex ones that require the special qualifications of doctors: computers and devices for conducting medical examinations, implants and prostheses in the body. The design of medical devices is the main segment of the field of biomedical engineering.