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Mens accessories 3D Models

Accessories are very important fashion elements. Accessories 3d models are popular for advertisement purposes and for game development, also, they are good for fashion designers. There are different types of mens accessories:

  • Classic and Casual Men’s Handbags
  • Briefcases, folders, tote-bag
  • Purses and money clips
  • City backpacks, shoulder bags, postcards
  • Handbags and men’s clutches

A serious, self-assured man simply needs to have in his arsenal a stylish purse

  • Men’s belts

It is needed not only to support the trousers – it is also an important element of style

  • Umbrellas
  • Cases for gadgets
  • Gloves
  • Glasses

These are the main accessories and you will find all of them in our mens accessories 3d models section, usually they were created with the help of this software: Vray, 3ds Max, Maya.