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1) ground forces as part of the armed forces of the state;
2) the connection of a significant mass of armed forces in one theater of war, under the authority of one person, in order to achieve a certain goal.
When concentrating on one theater of war of very significant forces, the direct leadership of all of them becomes impossible for one commander, and therefore, when the number of troops reaches a certain limit or spread them over long distances, it becomes necessary to divide them into independent armies as associations.

In primitive society, the people and the army were identical concepts. All free males capable of carrying weapons were warriors. But the specialization of studies that accompanied the transition of peoples to a settled state, the special nature of the development of culture and the main features of the political system of the emerging states had an irresistible influence on the military organization of nations.

During World War I, millions of reservists joined the ranks of active armies. During World War I, recruiting armies were created even in Great Britain and the United States, where they were not there before the war, but with the end of the war in these countries, they returned to the system of contractual professional armies.

During the Second World War, conscription armies were re-established in Great Britain and the United States, which survived after it ended due to the outbreak of the Cold War (in Great Britain – until 1960, in the United States – until 1973). During the Cold War, all the Warsaw Pact countries and most of the NATO countries had recruiting armies.