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The Marine Corps (MP) is a branch of the forces (troops) of the Navy (Navy) armed forces of the states, intended to participate in naval operations and use as assault detachments in other types of military operations, the tasks of which include the seizure of the coastline, port infrastructure, islands and peninsulas, ships and ships, enemy sea bases, from the air (parachute landing) and water.

Marine Corps is also used for individual operations (units and special forces (SPN)), as well as for the protection of coastal and other facilities. It is part of the Navy (forces) (Navy) or is a separate type of Armed Forces (USCM). The main tasks of the marines: “In the offensive from the sea, they must conquer the coastal bridgeheads and hold until the main forces arrive, and in defense, they must defend the bases of military ships from land directions.” Historically, the Marines served on warships, supported the crew in battle, carried out small raids on the coastal strip, guarded the officers of the ship from possible command insurrections, guarded the ports and naval bases.

The most numerous marines (about 200,000 people) are owned by the US Armed Forces (a separate type of armed forces).

The main element of the symbolism of the marines is the anchor. It is present in the logo of almost all the amphibious airborne forces of the states of the world. The only exceptions are units that are not directly part of the Navy. These are naval paratroopers of Greece, Denmark, Finland and several other countries that are part of the ground forces, rather than naval forces.