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Military is a collective concept, which is understood as the entire set of means of armed coercion, which are available to state and other subjects of international politics for the realization of their foreign and domestic political goals.

In a broad sense, military power is the ability of a subject of international relations to influence other subjects and the international situation by demonstrating their military capabilities (indirectly) or using their arsenal of means of armed violence. It can be used both to protect society (people, state, etc.) and to project its political will outside; both in the form of direct involvement and in the form of a potential threat.

Military force unites the armed forces, other state bodies and military organizations created by the state or political parties and social movements. Accumulating in itself the entire political, economic, technical, social and spiritual potential of the country, it represents a complexly structured system in which military organizations and state institutions play the role of fastening links.

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