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3D graphics usually deal with virtual, imaginary three-dimensional space that is displayed on a flat, two-dimensional surface of a display or sheet of paper. Currently, there are several ways to display three-dimensional information in a three-dimensional form, although most of them represent volumetric characteristics very conditionally, since they work with stereo image. From this area we can mention stereo glasses, virtual helmets, 3D displays that can display a three-dimensional image. Several manufacturers have demonstrated ready for serial production of three-dimensional displays. But in order to enjoy the volumetric picture, the viewer needs to be positioned strictly in the center. A step to the right, a step to the left, as well as a careless turn of the head, is punishable by the transformation of three-dimensionality into an unsympathetic jagged image. The solution to this problem has already matured in scientific laboratories. The German Fraunhofer Institute showed a 3D display that, with the help of two cameras, tracks the position of the viewer’s eyes and appropriately adjusts the image, this year Went even further. Now not only the position of the eye is tracked, but also the finger, with which you can “push” three-dimensional buttons. A team of researchers at Tokyo University have created a system that allows you to feel the image. The emitter focuses on the point where the person’s finger is located and, depending on its position, changes the strength of the acoustic pressure. Thus, it becomes possible not only to see the three-dimensional image, but also to interact with the objects depicted on it.

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