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Other Industrial 3D Models such as tools, parts, machines, supplies, etc.

Industry – a set of enterprises (factories, mills, factories, mines, mines, power plants) engaged in the production of labor tools (both for other sectors of the national economy and for industry itself), the extraction of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy production and further processing of products obtained in industry or produced in agriculture – the production of consumer goods.

The industry is the most important sector of the national economy, having a decisive impact on the level of development of the productive forces of society. The structure of other industrial 3d models consists of the composition and proportion of various industries and types of production included in it, as well as the dynamics of changes in these shares.

An industry was created within the framework of natural household peasant farming. During the epoch of the primitive communal system, the main branches of production activity were formed in the majority of nations (agriculture and cattle breeding), when products intended for own consumption were made from raw materials mined in the same economy. The development and orientation of the domestic industry were determined by local conditions and depended on the availability of raw materials.