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Spaceships are the spacecraft used for flights in a near-earth orbit, including under human control. And 3D artists like to create spaceships 3D models.

All spacecraft can be divided into two classes: piloted and launched in control mode from the surface of the Earth.

The first spaceships of the “Vostok” series were created under the strict guidance of the general designer OKB-1 (now the rocket and space corporation “Energia”) SP Korolev. The first piloted spaceship “Vostok” was able to deliver a person to outer space on April 12, 1961. This cosmonaut was Yuriy. A. Gagarin.

The beginning of a series of American spaceships of the Shuttle type was laid in 1972, although it was preceded by the design of a reusable two-stage aircraft, each stage of which looked like a jet plane.

Modern rocket engines are good for sending ships into the orbit, but they can not provide long-term space flights to distant planets. Therefore, for many years scientists have been working on creating alternative installations that could accelerate ships to super speeds. At the same, time 3d artists create different 3d models of spaceships. On Flatpyramid you can find many kinds of them like shuttles, battle spaceships, real and generic ships in .max .fbx .c4d .lwo .lws .lw .ma .mb .obj file formats.