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3D Models of Military Jeep Vehicles for 3D modeling and rendering of graphics.

The creator of the first Jeep car is an American engineer, Karl Probst, who designed American Bantam in July 1940 as part of a tender by the American Army for a four-wheel-drive Bantam BRC four-wheel drive vehicle with an open body type Ranebout. This design was then, at the insistence of the army, refined by larger firms Willys-Overland and Ford Motor Co., as a result, and received major orders for the supply of Jeep Willys MB and Ford GPW to the armies of the United States and its allies. Until the end of World War II, they were released 361.4 and 277.9 thousand units, respectively. Significant deliveries of data of the same type were carried out within the framework of the Lend-Lease program and to the USSR, where over 51 thousand Willys were sent in assembled and disassembled form.

The informal nickname Jeep was (it is believed that the brand got its name from the Ford GPW, in particular, because of the phonetic combination of the first letters of the abbreviation JP) the American journalist Katharina Hiller issued a wide appeal in the spring of 1941 after testing Bantam. It became the trademark of Willys-Overland in 1945.

After the war, Willys Overland decided to adapt its offspring to perform some civilian functions. A batch of cars was prepared. They simply called them – CJ (abbreviation from Civilian Jeep – “civilian jeep”). These prototypes served as the basis for the creation of a serial model, which went on sale in August 1945.

Outwardly, the entire “civilization” was the presence of a flip rear tailgate, wipers and gas cap on the rear wing.