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Other Aircraft 3D Models.

Other aircraft – an aircraft that is intended to perform flight without a pilot on board. Unmanned Aviation System – Aircraft and related items that are operated without a pilot on board. Autonomous aircraft – unmanned aircraft that does not provide for the intervention of the pilot in flight control. Remotely piloted aircraft – an aircraft that pilots a pilot who is not aboard this aircraft. It is a subcategory of unmanned aircraft.

In the regulatory documentation of the GA, issues of regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, in that part which regulates the operation of unmanned aircraft, are becoming increasingly important.

At the 39th session of the ICAO Assembly, the reports indicated that some States are engaged in the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into their national airspace system, in order to operate unmanned aircraft on a par with aircraft piloted by pilots on board the aircraft.

The first legal classification of aircraft was introduced in the regulation of international air movements adopted on October 13, 1919, known as the Paris Convention.