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Usually, modern trains have diesel or electric engines.

Modern diesel train engine usually has an efficiency of up to 40-45%, some low-speed large engines – over 50% (for example, MAN B & W S80ME-C7 spends only 155 grams per kWh, reaching an efficiency of 54.4%). Due to the peculiarities of the working process, a diesel engine does not impose strict requirements on fuel volatility, which makes it possible to use low-grade heavy fuels in it, such as fuel oil.

The diesel engine cannot develop high revs – the fuel does not have time to burn out in the cylinders, the ignition time requires initiation. High mechanical tension forces the use of more massive and more expensive parts, which makes the engine heavier. This reduces the engine’s specific power, which caused a small spread of diesel train engines in aviation. At maximum operating conditions, the fuel does not burn down, leading to the emission of soot clouds, and the supply of fuel at high speeds must be reduced (mechanical or electronic supply corrector).

But at low revs, the diesel engine can operate without smoking with a higher cyclic fuel supply. Therefore, it produces a high torque at low revs, which makes the car more “responsive” in motion than the same transport with a gasoline engine. For this reason, and especially in view of the higher economy, most trucks are now equipped with diesel engines. This is also an advantage in marine engines since high torque at low revs makes it easier to use engine power efficiently, and higher theoretical efficiency gives higher fuel efficiency.