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3D Passenger Trains including subways, light rail, monorail, airport trains and for other passenger transport downloadable in in 3ds max maya lwo obj fbx and more.

Passenger train – a train consisting of passenger cars and serving to transport people and baggage. Despite the name, passenger trains can also carry cargo. Such trains can transport and mail. These trains are most common in intracity (tram, metro) and commuter traffic. In a number of countries, trains occupy a significant amount in inter-city passengers traffic.

Almost the first who hitched a car for passengers to the locomotive was Richard Trevithik at the “Catch Me, Who Can”. However, the first passenger train departed on September 15, 1830, from Liverpool along the newly opened Liverpool-Manchester highway. The audience quickly appreciated the possibilities of this type of transport, which was also the fastest in the middle of the XIX century, in connection with which such type of trains became widespread.

The classification of such trains is quite diverse. These trains are divided by distance (suburban, local, long-distance), speed (fast, high-speed and high-speed), a frequency of communication (single, summer, year-round). Also, these trains may differ in the type of wagons (for example, a human train, when people are transported in freight wagons, also referred to as passenger) and the nature of the cargo.