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Have you ever wondered what an alternator or water pump in cars look like? Unfortunately, many owners of vehicles are not familiar with vehicle parts and how they are working.

We, at Flatpyramid, believe that every driver and even a child can find out what the vehicle is about, how those or other components work and everything thanks to 3d models.

Varieties of spare parts are very large, the basis, of course, is the engine.

1. The internal combustion engines differ from each other. Here we are talking about diesel and gasoline engines. The diesel engine has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same can be said about a petrol engine.

2. There are also external combustion engines, for example, a steam engine (ship). In this case, steam is the force that drives transport. The steam is formed when combustion of fuel, but outside the engine. More effective is still considered internal combustion engines, especially since it is more compact than the same steam.

The driver’s seat, passengers and cargo are located in the body of the vehicle. Panels, of which the body of the modern machine is composed, are interconnected by welding. Wings, trunk lid, and doors are all elements of the body.

The first cars were very different from the ones we drive today. The bodies of the original versions of the cars were made in the same places as the carriages. The old cars were open and represent a similarity of horse-drawn carriages with a built-in motor.

Transmission is an important part of the car, consisting of various parts that together provide the engine connection with the wheels, as well as the mechanisms that allow the transmission itself to function.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles have a combined bridge and gearbox. The force on the driving wheels is transmitted thanks to universal hinges.

You can find many different car parts 3D models on Flatpyramid, such as:

  • engines
  • carriage
  • body
  • wheels
  • and other parts