Bomb 3D Models

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3D Models of Bomb and other Projectiles weapons for 3d modeling and rendering of low poly graphics for games, virtual worlds, and other animations or training environments.

Bombs – the name of an extensive range of types of ammunition and explosive devices. Most bombs are designed to destroy ground, underground and sea targets, but there are numerous classes of bombs (mostly aviation ones) for solving other tasks (setting smoke screens, lighting the area, photographing, giving signals, propaganda and training purposes).

In the period up to the First World War, inclusive heavy explosive artillery shells, intended for firing from mortars of all calibers, heavy howitzers, and heavy cannons, as well as naval bombers. The bomb for a smooth-bore gun was a hollow core filled with gunpowder, with a wooden remote tube, also filled with gunpowder and inserted into the hole; around the hole were two staples, for which the bomb lifted special hooks when charging. Inserted into the barrel with a remote tube down and ignited by powder gases. The bombs were invented by the Frenchman Bernard Renault d’Elysngare, nicknamed “Little Renault”, and were first used in the French war with the Algerian pirates to attack the city of Algeria. For carrying large bombs used a special device like a rocker.

The development of technology for the production of bombs and new types of them:

  • Guided aerial
  • Nuclear weapon
  • Thermonuclear weapon
  • Neutron weapons
  • Detonating (vacuum)
  • Graphite