Helmet 3D Models

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3D Models of Helmet on Flatpyramid.

The helmet is a headdress that fits tightly over the head and covers the ears. Means (an element of the form of clothing) of individual protection of a person’s head, worn on the head, to protect against injuries and wounds and the placement of special equipment (headset, pressure helmet).

– Helmet (protection) – helmets used in military affairs in everyday life:
– Diving helmet – diver’s protective helmet;
– Steel helmet (school) – a protective helmet of a soldier, in popular speech “Helmet”;
– Headset – a protective helmet is designed for persons working in conditions of increased noise (driver-mechanics, pilots, etc.), combined with a laryngophone. The headset connects to internal or/and external communication devices:
– Aviation Helmet (Aviation Helmet) – headset pilots, to high-altitude flights;
– 6B8 headset for armored vehicle crews;
– Hermetic helmet – a protective helmet of pilots;

Sports helmet – helmets used in sports in everyday life:
– Hockey helmet – helmets used when playing ice hockey and a ball;
– Motorcycle Helmet (Helmet) – helmets used to ride a motorcycle;
– Bicycle Helmet (Bicycle Helmet) – helmets used for cycling;
– Skateboarder Helmet – helmets used to ride a skateboard;
– Boxing helmet – helmets used in boxing;
– Ski helmet;
– A helmet for riding – a protective headdress for riding;
– Helmet (armor) – helmets from ancient times to the Middle Ages;