Modern 3D Models

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3D Models of Modern Guns and other weapons low-poly render ready and game ready for games, virtual worlds, and other animations or training environments.

World War I
During this period, firearms are actively being improved and it completely replaces throwing weapons altogether. There is a final separation of firearms on handguns and artillery. In the days of the Napoleonic wars, there were no major changes in weapons. But later the American Civil War gave impetus to the modernization of weapons. In particular, invented multiply rifled small arms, charged with the treasury. (One of the first samples of such weapons was the Spencer rifle.) The first samples of breech-loading rifled artillery also appeared. As a consequence, the rate of fire and the range of firearms increase. Machine guns appear (first the canisters and then the machine guns themselves). In the course of the Anglo-Boer Wars, armored trains began to be used. During World War I, chemical weapons, military aircraft and first tanks were used. In the war at sea, new types of weapons also appear: sea mines and torpedoes. Submarines are being used.

Military equipment of the Second World War
There is a further improvement in weapons. This process was especially stormy during the Second World War. In land theaters of war, tanks and aircraft began to play a decisive role. Tanks from infantry support vehicles turned into armored troops, which played a crucial role in many battles. Aviation was finally divided into fighter and bomber, assault and reconnaissance, as well as front and long-range ones. Moreover, the bombing (including peaceful cities located far beyond the front line) became increasingly important. From small arms, machine guns became very popular. At sea, the role of the submarine fleet. Significant acquired aircraft carriers. This period is the first combat use of nuclear weapons. Later, various rockets became the main means of delivery.

In overall, modern guns are mostly influenced by WW2, of course, they are modernized and upgraded, but still.