Pistol 3D Models

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3D Models of Pistol Weapons game ready for games and other animations or training environments.

A pistol is a hand-held short-barreled small arms designed to hit targets (manpower and others) at a range of up to 25–50 meters.

It can be both fire and pneumatic. Modern pistols are mostly self-loading, rifled, with a significant magazine (from 5-7 to 15-20 or more rounds).

The first pistols appeared in the XV century. They were a short barrel mounted on a wooden deck with a wick lock. Leonardo da Vinci invented the wheel lock for a pistol (keyed up) – this is his only invention that was recognized during his lifetime.

Pistols of that time were very different in design and purpose. Short pistols (puffers) were used for shooting point-blank. Long cavalry pistols had sufficient striking ability at a range of up to 30-40 meters on an unprotected target. Conventional pistols with a wheel or flintlocks could pierce steel armor with a thickness of up to 3 mm, subject to a shot at point-blank. Longer rider pistols could probably pierce heavier armor. The speed of pistol bullets was in the range of 300-350 m / s, and the kinetic energy was in the range of 1000 J. The technical accuracy of the smooth-bore pistols made it possible to hit a target 30 by 30 cm with a distance of 30 meters, which is not much worse than the accuracy of modern Glock pistols.