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3D Models of Sci-Fi Guns and Weapons.

In the literature, cinema and computer games, weapons are often mentioned that operate according to the principle or possess special properties that have no analogs in the existing world. Fictional weapons can be divided into several archetypes:

  • High-tech weapons
  • Magic weapon
  • Legendary weapon

This archetype of fictional weapons includes many types of weapons that differ in the use of technology that has not yet been used in our world. They can be found mainly in the genre of science fiction and in the genre of sci-fi action movie. As a rule, in the science fiction genre, the principles on which a particular type of weapon works are described in more detail than in the action genre, in which any type of weapon is given as an axiom.

Types of high-tech Sci-Fi Guns

  • Firearms with significant performance enhancements. In principle, this also includes the “fictional non-fantastic” weapon created at the level of modern technologies, but not corresponding to the existing samples – a frequent move among computer game developers who do not want to spend money on licenses.
  • Emitters of different types (lasers, masers, phasers, etc.). Can be divided into radiation and wave (with a large lesion front).
  • Stunners. Sometimes it is auxiliary mode for military weapons.
  • Blade weapons, that is, “cold” weapons with a special blade (monatomic sword, vibronozh, acid scourge, lightsaber, etc.).
  • Cybernetic creatures with varying degrees of autonomy (robots, cyborgs, androids, predatory clouds).
  • Projectiles of special power (using antimatter, plasma, neutrino, probabilistic field, etc.).
  • Space-time deformers.