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3D Artist: ellieflorence74

Sellers 3D Models: Eleanor Florence 3D Designs

3D Modelling is my greatest form of expression.The digital skills I have independently obtained throughout my student life allow me to convey my ideas in a way I had never experienced before. Immersing myself in the current creative industry has showcased how visually stimulating and powerful design can be, hence inspiring me to explore this through further education. As a designer, I use MAYA Autodesk which I find fully facilitates my creativity and constantly challenges me to develop my unique style. Within my designs, I commonly draw parallels to nature in reflection of Fine Artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Marian Bantjes', whom work I find incredulously impactful. I enjoy bringing pieces to life throughout 3D softwares as well as exploring alternative softwares, such as Adobe Aero, which allow to harness a broader skill set and expand my breadth of work.My work is my source of enjoyment, enabling me to materialise my imagination and develop as a designer.