Hair Dryer 3D Models

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The first model of this device for drying hair was created by the hairdresser Alexander Godfroy in 1890. It was converted from a vacuum cleaner and was a stationary design, under which you had to sit in a chair. This product did not heat the air, but only “blew” on the hair. And in 1915, the first universal hand dryer was launched by the American company Universal Motor Company.

In those years, the device was quite heavy (about 1 kg) and therefore it was not very convenient to use. In addition, the first hair dryers were unsafe. Very often, when drying wet hair, people were beaten with current, because the frame consisted of an electrically conductive metal. And the process of use itself was a long and tedious business since the power of the device could reach only 100 W (for a modern hair dryer, this figure is 1500-2000 W).