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3D technology, is getting deeper in our lives and developing each year. Printing on a 3D printer has become almost a mass phenomenon and continues to expand the scope of its application.

What can you print on a 3d printer?

3D printer has entered so deeply into our life that it is used today practically in all spheres of human life, from medicine to jewelry.
3D printing is a process of layer-by-layer manufacturing (building up) of an object based on its trimmed 3D model of the following materials: plastic, photopolymer, gypsum, metal, paper and others.
The availability of printing on a 3D printer makes it possible to carry out experiments in the construction and architectural field, in small-scale production, education, medicine, printing, advertising and jewelry.
One can distinguish such basic applications of 3d printing:

  • Architecture and construction. Using 3d printer create architectural models of buildings of almost any level of complexity. Such mock-ups clearly demonstrate the object of architecture and present it to the customer as profitable as possible. Ready-made models of houses and structures are not uncommonly popular due to their low cost.
  • Medicine. Printing on a 3d printer has advanced modern medicine a step further and helps to save human lives. Using a 3D printer, print dental crowns, artificial limbs, artificial kidneys, joints, skin cells, organs and tissues of a person.
  • Education. 3D printing of educational mock-ups and visual aids for classrooms.
  • Small-scale production. Creation of a prototype for a new product, the production of which is planned to be launched, with a view to presenting it to the customer and finalizing the form. Manufacturing of details of mechanisms – a reconstruction of the lost or broken details. Printing a prototype, with the help of which a silicone mold is created for casting small batches of products.
  • Cinema. 3D objects printed by the film industry are much more realistic and economical than computer graphics and real decor – antiques, jewelry, cars, interior design elements, etc.
  • Manufacture of clothing and footwear. Today, the 3d printer produces new models of clothing for high fashion – dresses, coats, shirts. In addition, three-dimensional printing allows you to make completely unusual models of shoes made of polyurethane, plastic and rubber.
  • Package design. To make a trial model of packaging and bottles today it is possible and on the 3d-printer. Such models can be colored and retain all the elements of design – a bar code, a label, a trade mark, etc.
  • Jewelry. When creating jewelry, the most laborious process is the production of a wax prototype, today the wax model of the future jewelry can be grown with the help of 3D printing.



Printing on a 3d printer is a revolutionary technology that has become an integral part of the field of science and technology. In addition to the already mentioned fields of application, 3d printer is used in the most unexpected industries.
Now you should not have a question: “What can I print on a 3D printer?”. The possibilities of 3D printing have practically no boundaries. That is why the services of 3D printing are in demand and are in great demand. In addition, modern technologies for printing on a 3D printer are available to virtually everyone.
In this category on Flatpyramid you will find special 3D models that are optimized and ready for 3D printing.
Optimized models usually have such file formats: OBJ, STL, VRML, X3G, PLY, FBX